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Getting Around Edinburgh

We thought it might be handy to give you an overview of our transport options in Edinburgh.

If you are arriving by train, there are two main stations in Edinburgh, Edinburgh Waverley and Haymarket.  Both of these stations are in the town centre, one lies to the west of Princes Street and the other to the east.  You can walk to most places within the city centre from each station but there are also lines of taxis waiting and bus stops right outside the stations.

If you are arriving by plane, there are taxis, buses and the trams which will all take you directly into town as well as car hire companies.

A taxi to the centre of town from the airport in a run of the mill black cab will cost around £20.  Most taxis seat 5 people but you can request a 7 seater at the taxi rank if you prefer.  There is no legal requirement for taxis to use child car seats.

Buses during the day cost £1.50 per adult, 70p per child over 5 and free for children under 5.  This is a flat fare and will take you as far as you want to go.  A day ticket will cost £3.50 for an adult and £2.00 per child.  You need the exact change for your bus fare so it might be an idea to buy a book of tickets which can be purchased online or at any lothian buses shop.  The buses have also brought out an app where you can purchase tickets through m-ticket and show the driver your phone.  You can also catch the bus all through the night so if you are going out clubbing till 3am, there is still a possibility of catching the bus home and saving those pennies!

Trams will take you to the city centre quickly.  A return ticket from the airport zone will cost £8.00 for and adult or £4.00 for a child.  The tram takes around 25 minutes to reach the city centre.   Trams run from the airport from 6:15 to 22:45.

There are also plenty car hire places to choose from.  Parking in Edinburgh can get expensive.  My advice would be to leave the car at your accommodation unless you plan to take it to shows after 6.30pm (when parking is free). It is relatively easy to find parking spaces in the evenings.  There are a few multi storey car parks in Edinburgh as well as some on street parking.  The multi storey car parks tend to be a lot more expensive.

Of course Edinburgh city centre is small, there is also the option to cycle around town.  If you are willing to put up with our windy, hilly city, you can hire bikes in various shops around Edinburgh at a cost of around £17 per day.

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Edinburgh Festival Rooms’ favourite places to eat

We don’t have a great reputation for good food in Scotland but let me assure you, we worship our food.  Whether you are in need of some ingredients for a home cooked meal, are in the mood for fine dining or want to grab a pastie before a performance, we have it covered.  Here are our tips for some great eateries whilst you’re in the capital:

Home cooked dining

George Bower Butchers

With so many of our rooms offering shared cooking facilities, we thought it would be nice for you to impress your fellow traveler with your culinary skills…. If you head to George Bower butchers in Stockbridge you will find some gorgeous game in season.  They stock Michelin star worthy free range chicken, you just need add your own je ne sais quoi and let your guests rate it.


We can also recommend a little trip to Real Foods.  Here you will find everything from fresh, organic fruit and veg to gorgeous chocolates.  This little gem was selling sesame snaps well before Holland & Barratt and still has a traditional feel to it.

Greasy spoon breakfast

Well its not exactly a greasy spoon, but we just love the Out of the Blue Drill Hall for Bruncheon.  Enjoy a fabulous menu of kippers, morning rolls and coffee washed down with some local musicians or dj’s for an ultimate chill out brekkie. Check their website for event details.  

Another tremendous place for breakfast is Toast in Marchmont.  Many a student hangover has been muffled by the full Scottish breakfast at Toast and with so many pubs in Edinburgh, this place gets busy.  Its just as well the students will have decamped by August to leave seats free for festival goers.

Grab and go lunch

So it turns out that Susie doesn’t sell seashells by the sea shore….. she sells falafels by the Meadows.  Susie’s Wholefood Wagon is parked at Middle Meadow Walk during the festival and she sells vegetarian homemade food bursting with flavour.  Grab a burrito before Bristo Square to stop the rumbly tum interrupting your performance.

You can’t come to Edinburgh without trying a Scotch Pie.  The Piemaker on South Bridge is a another local treasure.  Cheap, filling and tasty.

Tea and cake

Cake at LovecrumbsLovecrumbs at Westport for cake.  OMG…… just OMG.

If you are looking for some quiet time, try the Secret Herb Garden.  It is off the beaten track but if you can find it, it will be well worth the effort.  The owners haven’t been blowing this trumpet (shhhhh, its a secret) but ye canna get anything past us canny Scottish folk…



We love The Shore Bar and Restaurant for some more traditional Scottish food.  You couldn’t meet jollier staff and the fish here is super – and oh I do like to be beside the seaside.

A recently discovered place is the Harajuku Kitchen in Tollcross for some sushi.  We have a few good Japanese restaurants in Edinburgh but this one is has become the younger, cooler hangout.

Fine dining

If you are feeling la bit la-di-da, Angels with Bagpipes on the Royal Mile might be right up your street.  This is a poetic fine dining experience right in the heart of the city.  If you are going to try haggis, neeps and tatties for the first time, try it here.

Another favourite is The Gardeners Cottage.  They do two sittings for their amazing six course set dinner so you probably need to share your table but this all adds to the atmosphere.  Many of the vegetables and herbs are grown in the garden.  For a quirky, imaginative dining experience, this place is a treasure.


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Flexible Festival Living

If you are a performer at Edinburgh festival it can be difficult to find a good fit for sleeping arrangements with several tour staff to please.  Here at Edinburgh Festival Rooms there are opportunities to stay in suites which are designed for communal living.  A five bedroom apartment in central Edinburgh costs £338 per night.  Everyone in your crew can have their own bedroom but with the benefit of a joint kitchen and sitting room.  If you are shy about sharing a toilet with your tour manager, most of the rooms are ensuite to boot.

James Craig Court Shared AccommodationThere is also the option to add rooms onto the 5 bedroom apartment so that if there are say 8 people in your show, you could rent a 5 bedroom apartment and add 3  rooms in the same building.  You will all be together, but you can have your own essential space.  Here at Edinburgh Festival Rooms we know how exhausting it can be to break a leg every day, let us help you find the perfect pad to rest those weary bones.


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